Thu Apr 22 23:17:46 CEST 2010

FuzzyCLIPS Downloads

update: Windows version is now 6.10d thanks to Minas Abrahamyan! Looks like there is a VC++ 6.0 folder in this version.

Today I needed to use FuzzyCLIPS under Linux as part of my studies. Unfortunately, it is no longer maintained since a bit less than ten years, and the official website is down. I was lucky enough to find the last mirror that kept a copy of FuzzyCLIPS, so I decided to mirror it too, hoping that it won't get lost in the void.

In the Linux version are also included two 32-bit executables, fz_clips, and fz_xclips, the terminal and X versions of the software. Here are the files, for you to download:

I've also setup a github repository as another way to make sure this does not get lost. Does anyone know of another good fuzzy expert system?

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